We offer a variety of oils, Basically from Canada, like  but we also can provide you with extra virgin olive oil from Tunisia or Italy, 

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The vegetable oil industry is made up of companies that manufacture oils and their by-products, such as linseed, SOYBEAN and CANOLA oil cake and meal. This industry, the youngest sector of Canada's FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES, did not exist before the early 1940's, as most of Canada's edible oil needs were met by imports. WWII provided the impetus for development, as most of the Allied nations, facing a critical shortage of imported fats, particularly vegetable oils, increased efforts to fill their needs domestically.

Soybeans were grown for the first time in southern Ontario; commercial SUNFLOWER production began in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and a new seed, Black Argentine rapeseed, was planted for the first time. The initial reason for growing rapeseed was to provide desperately needed high-quality marine lubricants for the Allied fleets. After the war, interest in OILSEEDS (especially rapeseed) almost disappeared.

The New Healthy Choice 

Canola oil, safflower oil,Flax seed oil,Sunflower oil, Corn oil are the healthiest oils in the market. our costumers are really happy with the quality of the oil and they are reordering, not just because of the competitive price compare to the market but also for the quality and the packaging .

Place Your Order 

Shipping can be in different size bottles or flex tanks , please send us your order with exact packaging specification and also if you want to put your label on your product , we have no problem , just ask and we will make it happen 

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